What makes Hostgator web hosting tick?

Hostgator is one of the world’s leading web hosting service providers. The privately owned company is based in Houston, Texas and has been in operation since its inception in 2002 by Brent Oxley. In recent years, hostgator.com has grown very rapidly and has come to host over 8 million domains in over 200 countries worldwide. Exceptional services and unparalleled support services have earned the company numerous prestigious awards and honors. These numerous awards indicate that the company knows a thing or two about what they are doing, and that they are well versed with modern business and client needs.

What makes Hostgator customers’ favorite web host?

Host Gator’s claim of offering some of the best web hosting services on the planet is backed up by an array of cutting-edge technologies and infrastructure. Multiple Softlayer data centers located in different areas around the world offer state of the art security, power backups and cooling systems; these are all designed to ensure that Gator Host offers uninterrupted services to its clients. A redundant network that is run over a certified cisco fiber backbone ensures that your websites load much faster, and that you experience fast uploads and downloads on Hostgator servers. If you have one of those businesses that can be adversely affected by website downtime you don’t have to worry when hosting on Hostgator. The company has a top of the line monitoring system that is managed by a highly trained technical team. All technical mishaps are solved within seconds of when they occur, and nothing is ever left pending for more than a couple of minutes. If you want to know more about Hostgator technology and performance, read their review on this website [open in a new window].

Hostgator Features

Hostgator offers a number of features that can easily cater for any client’s needs, be it individual needs or business needs. These features include:

Unlimited offers

Unlimited offers on bandwidth, storage disk space and domain hosting ensure that you have more than enough resources to create a good online presence using your website. For those who are planning to put up large websites that will attract many viewers, Hostgator web hosting is the way to go.

E-commerce tools

For those who want to monetize their websites, Hostgator web hosting offers a number of easy-to-install scripts that can be used to integrate shopping carts into your website. You can also integrate payment gateways through these tools to safely transact online.

Site builders

Hostgator hosting offers a number of user friendly site builders that can allow even novice account holders to put up professional-looking website and website applications within a matter of minutes. Also offered, are a number of content management systems and website building frameworks for those who are well versed with different website design techniques. Open this link to check out various site builder tools and options available with Bluehost web hosting.

Hostgator Pricing Plans

When it comes to pricing, Hostgator offers high-quality services at a remarkably low price. So good are the prices that they can virtually cater for any business or individual budget. Currently, Hostgator offers three hosting plans for the Linux hosting platform and two packages for the windows hosting platform. Detailed Hostgator pricing is available here. If you use a Host Gator Coupon, the lowest priced hosting plan for the Linux Shared hosting platform can go as low as $3.96 per month while the lowest priced hosting plan on the Windows Shared hosting platform can go as low as $4.76 per month. [click here to visit the site].
The only other web hosting provider that gives strong competition to Hostgator is Bluehost. There are some great coupons and discounts available for Blue Host that make it another best choice for cheap web hosting service. You can get the best Bluehost.com Coupon on the web hosting review website bloghostinginc.com. Find here more on Bluehost features and services. More update on hostmonster plans and packages is also available here.